A basic consultation begins with an overall extensive evaluation of your home and your staging needs.  Pinnacle Home Stagers will come to your house and examine closely each of your rooms as well as your home's exterior.  We'll take multiple pictures of each area, from different angles, to be sure we don't miss anything.  Within 48 hours we will return with a full written presentation telling you what you need to do to make your house more appealing to the most number of buyers.  You will receive a checklist to mark off the recommendations as you complete them.   When you finish the list, Pinnacle Home Stagers will return for a final visit where we will make any necessary small adjustments and take the final pictures.  These will then be published on STAGEDHOMES.com, immediately attracting more realtors and buyers.

Full Service Staging

Pinnacle Home Stagers will redecorate your home using mostly your furnishings and accessories.  This may include removing excess furniture and using our design techniques to help your home appeal to a larger audience.  The buyers need to see what they are actually buying - the house - not your possessions.  But we will be the ones doing the work.  Most homes are staged in a day.  Upon completion your home will be advertised in STAGEDHOMES.com, immediately attracting more realtors and buyers.

Empty Home Staging

Buyers need to know the purpose of a room.  They need to see what furniture fits in each room so they can imagine their own things placed there.  And they need to be guided toward the special features in the house.  Pinnacle Home Stagers will arrange to rent furniture to place in the rooms and will organize and position that furniture to appeal to the most number of potential buyers.  We will then take pictures and advertise your home in STAGEDHOMES.com immediately attracting more realtors and buyers.

Real Estate Photography 

When doing a Consultation or a Staging, we offer this service complimentary. But should you just be looking for a photographer to best show off your home, we have this service available. These pictures can be used in a variety of ways, as they can be shown on a website of your choosing, made into a brochure, or even given as a flyer or advertisement for potential buyers. 


Staging Consultation​
We can do as little or as much staging as you want & work within your budget.

Pinnacle Home Stagers